BACKGROUND: E-REDES, the Portuguese main Distribution System Operator (DSO), is evolving the open data solution, by leveraging and enriching datasets, and combining them with new ones, notably to further create value to society and to the different stakeholders. E-REDES launched an Open Data Dedicated Platform in November 2022, which aims to share the data aggregated by the company to the society as a whole. Data sets available on the platform on consumption, operations, network registration, renewable energy and electric mobility are potentially useful for the energy transition, which integrates all the main interested stakeholders.

Description of the pilot: The data from the corporate data lake will be adapted to a set of raw data processing algorithms to enhance the current existing ones. Then, these data sets will be migrated to the project data lake to create a DATAMITE test environment to develop and implement connectors, using DATAMITE data exchange tools, between the data lake and other data spaces, allowing to keep data on premises allowing for on-demand requests.

This will guarantee that the streamline access to the data sets through the energy data space, where it is expected to enrich the spectrum of users of the data sets and to combine them with other data sources to enhance their value to the society.