BACKGROUND: eDWIN is a national advisory platform for farmers, operated by WODR and PSNC. Besides the data provided by the farmers, a network of meteorological ground stations provides agro-meteo data and statistical information, a Farm Management System, and ground observations of the occurrence of diseases and pests. However, integrating only the data and services from public institutions is limiting the overall offer for farmers as many of the services are provided by the commercial sector. The current roadmap for eDWIN emphasizes the need to enable secure data sharing to potentiate data monetisation, ensuring data interoperability and quality that allows for comparing and validating data, its fusion and that it is trustable so it can be used in decision support services.

Description of the pilot: The DATAMITE framework provides key mechanisms necessary for the implementation of an AgriDataMarketPlace pilot integrated with eDWIN so it can be exploited by all its customers, and by companies building services on top of it. DATAMITE governance and quality modules help to improve data management, and quality standards and validation of the acquired data. The sharing module should also provide mechanisms to smoothly publish data into the Marketplace in a secure way as well as keeping control over the data through its data sovereignty component. It should also provide accounting mechanisms to facilitate data trading and billing.