One of the great advantages of being such a large consortium of research and development partners, academic partners, large industrial partners, SMEs and a standards body, is to be able to learn from each other.  In order to foster this continuous exchange of knowledge among the partners and thus acquire, as a Consortium as a whole, new skills to achieve the best project results in all fields, Antonis Sapountzis, leader of Work Package 6, hosted an internal webinar on exploitation.

Exploitation, included in Work Package 6: Outreach, Exploitation and Collaboration, is the key to achieving wider impacts of DATAMITE in the longer term (5 years or more) on the scientific community, the economy and society.

As an ambitious open source project, DATAMITE has a clear path for the exploitation of its results designed by AUSTRALO, DATAMITE’s partner in charge of the Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication plans. The project’s exploitation plan is based on three main exploitation models:

  1. The commercial exploitation model, which involves the paid, open-access provision of project results to end-users.
  2. The research exploitation model, which involves the use of acquired research knowledge in future research activities.
  3. The technology exploitation model, which involves the use of acquired technological knowledge for the development of innovative products and their supply.

Internal workshops such as this one allow the consortium to acquire the necessary skills to ensure not only immediate success, but also in the medium and long term, where DATAMITE aims to be a major player in the European data market revolution.

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