The International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems (ICFNDS) took place on 21-22 December 2023 at the American University of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE. The 7th ICFNDS aimed to address advances in research on distributed systems and networks of the future, covering topics ranging from enabling technologies to emerging applications and industrial experiences, encouraging researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences.

The University of Koblenz represented DATAMITE in the session entitled “Data trading and monetisation: Challenges and open lines of research”. During its presentation, the University of Koblenz shared the technical and organisational challenges affecting data monetisation and identified those areas that need further research in order to push the boundaries of current knowledge with an emphasis on areas where research is currently limited or non-existent, and where DATAMITE is a pioneering project that will revolutionise data monetisation.

The Publication is available here.

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