In the agri-food domain, food safety and quality are essential. Digital revolution provided a lot of opportunities for monitoring and optimising the processes in the whole food production chain. The innovative services, more and more AI- based, require high quality of data but also a wide range of the trusted data sources from different providers. Not surprisingly, one of the main objectives of the European Commission’s digital agenda is to establish common data spaces where a multitude of public and private companies in the same sector can store and share quality data to drive both an improvement in the quality of life and in the European economy.

One of DATAMITE’s objectives is to support the deployment of these common European data spaces through its innovative modular, open-source and multi-domain Framework to improve data monetising, interoperability, trading and exchange.

Connecting eDWIN to data markets Use Case: a unique opportunity to test the DATAMITE framework

To be able to measure the value offered by the DATAMITE framework it is ideal to be tested over an actual use case where, despite the large amount of data already in operation, it is evident that secure data exchange between public institutions and the commercial sector needs to be enabled to enhance data monetisation. eDWIN, a national platform for farming guidance in Poland, operated by WODR and PSNC, fulfils all the necessary requirements to be one of the Use Cases of the project.

eDWIN is a crucial element of the country’s sustainable agriculture strategy, supporting mostly farmers and advisors. In addition to data contributed by farmers -such as food origin produced in a given farm- it integrates information from meteorological ground stations providing agro-meteo data and statistical information, a Farm Management System, and ground-based observations of disease and pest occurrence.  However, eDWIN’s reliance on public institution data and services limits its offerings to farmers, as many essential services come from the commercial sector.

The current roadmap for eDWIN emphasises the need to enable secure data sharing to potentiate data monetisation, ensuring interoperability and quality of data for comparison and validation, data fusion and data reliability for use in decision support services. An ideal scenario to test DATAMITE’s governance, quality and exchange modules and to position eDWIN at the forefront of the agri-food sector by offering the highest quantity and quality of data to its users.

The DATAMITE framework: a key piece for connecting public and private data services

The scope of the pilot is to utilise the DATAMITE framework to overcome the challenges faced by eDWIN in relation to the lack of available data as it relies mostly on data provided by users and different public services. The DATAMITE framework should provide several key mechanisms necessary for the implementation of an AgriDataMarketPlace pilot integrated with eDWIN so it can be exploited by all its customers, and by companies building services on top of it. 

DATAMITE governance and quality modules should help to improve data management, and quality standards and validation of the acquired data. The sharing module should also provide mechanisms to smoothly publish data into the Marketplace in a secure way as well as keeping control over the data through its data sovereignty component, enabling the definition of sharing policies. It should also provide accounting mechanisms to facilitate data trading and billing.

Impacts beyond the use-case scenario

The developed pilot is an example of public-private partnership, where the data coming primarily from the public institutions can be reused to provide better services for farmers and to generate more revenue in the commercial sector, in particular SMEs that are more open for data sharing.

The outcome of the pilot will help build the Data Space in Agriculture in Poland, enabling more easy collaboration for the whole ecosystem. Pilot outcomes can also be applied in other regions in Europe, thus contributing to the common European data space for agriculture announced and under development by the European Commission.

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