By Santiago Cáceres Elvira

Happy “back to school”! The new school year sometimes means new faces, and so it is with DATAMITE. I am Santiago Cáceres, project manager from ITI in Spain, and it is truly an honour to coordinate such an exciting project as DATAMITE, with its fantastic team comprising 26 different organisations from 11 countries.

 The Consortium has been working on DATAMITE for over nine months, and I must point out that its objectives are even more relevant than when defined over two years ago at proposal time.

While organisations are aware of the enormous potential of data and its value, it is hard for them to extract it for several reasons (lack of resources, technological skills, and sharing culture, among others). Figures are precise: around 65% of data is never used for analysis, and 95% of organisations suffer from the data decision gap.

DATAMITE aims to directly impact those figures by providing its modular open-source platform and training material, paving the way to a more data-driven industry and economy.

Let me finish this short introduction by letting you know that we will be sponsoring the European Big Data Value Forum 2023, to be held in the beautiful city of Valencia. I invite you to join our “Empowering Data Spaces through New European Research Projects / Data Economy through Emerging Technologies: AI, Data Trading, and Interoperability” session on Thursday, 26th October, and visit our booth to learn more about our developments.

The hard work continues! Thank you for joining us and enjoy reading our newsletter!

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